Dear puppy,
I asked mommy that I wanted you and that I needed you in my life.
I told mommy how much I loved you, my puppy, but you were so stubborn!
Such a naughty and difficult puppy.

But mummy let me love you still, my puppy, not that I ever listened to mommy!
“He’ll make such a mess! He’ll make you clean up his mess! He is a mess!”
She said, they all said.
Yes, puppy was a mess, but I loved you, my little puppy and I took care of your mess, my mess, no matter how dirty and tiring it was!

I cuddled you, my warm and loving puppy, you nudged my nose with yours and looked back at me with the most tender and happy big brown eyes, life was perfect for me and my little puppy.

But a day came where I had to say goodbye, I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to!

Don’t look at me like that puppy, I promise I loved you.