First kiss

I spoke to a girl, during a bus ride to my hometown, it was a long tiresome ride that would consume half my day and the first few hours of my night.

We immediately clicked and spoke about various things, it was evident we  would be companions long after we parted ways.

She asked me a single question during the last few hours of discussing our past relationships “what was your first kiss like?”

It struck me that, I didn’t know what first kiss she wanted to know about.

You know..when you ask someone about their first kiss, it could trigger memories of so many first kisses.

First kiss with the opposite sex.

First kiss with the same sex.

First kiss with your first lover.

First kiss after your first breakup.

First kiss during your first fling.

First kiss with your first life partner when you get married.

I told her “you’ll have to specify, I’ve had many first kisses”

She frowned and said “well uh, your first kiss like your actual first passionate kiss with a boy?”

I corrected her, “My first passionate kiss was with a female”

She smiled silently to herself first and then looked at me, “mine too”

We parted ways that night, but we didn’t part lives.


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